Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and charging pad: eyes-on (from AndroidCommunity)

Earlier this morning we took a look at the headphones that were being shown at Unpacked 5. Naturally, those weren’t the only accessories on display. Samsung also had several case options, as well as some wireless charging accessories on display. But similar to the headphones, the Galaxy S5 accessories were also under glass. Full Article: AndroidCommunity

What happens when you reach level 999 of Flappy Bird (from Gizmodo)

  Were you expecting anything else? The silliest of silly games is impossible to beat because a familiar friend has gone villain and acts as the final boss. He’s sick and tired of letting little Flappy fly around in what is clearly his world. Die bird, die. The video is obviously but wonderfully doctored by the guys at pipocaVFX but it’s pretty perfect.…