About Team2Soft

Team2Soft is a young Android Developer Team.

Our team started the development activity with “Relax Lights” following the idea to transform a smartphone in a multicolor wall projector.  Carrying out the project, “Relax Lights” was updated with audio and alarm features.

Team2soft’s biggest step is the creation and development of “Fast for Facebook©”: the beta version of the application was reviewed by the most important blogs as new revelation of the Facebook©‘s mobile clients, it boasted more than 50 web articles all over the web. Today “Fast” has about 3 million downloads.

Thanks to the success collected Team2Soft has been involved in mobile application projects leaded by big mobile Corporations.

In August 2013 the team started a new project for a multiplayer game for Android and IOS: “Jungle” coming soon..


Fast Communities:

Facebook Support Community

Google+ Community

Follow our news, and contact us if you need more informations about the team or our products.




6 thoughts on “About Team2Soft

  1. I am using your fast pro for facebook application. But problem is that while logging my friends can’t see me in online list. Also I can’t keep this application minimise so that I could get any notification immediately. Please suggest a suitable solution or please send new set up.

    Reply must…!!


    • Hi Vikrant, we’ll investigate on your issue in this days. We need to kwon the model of your device and the Android Version installed.

      Thanks for the feedback !

  2. When I share an item on Fast Pro, only the text, not the image will show up. I have tried clicking on both the “Share” icon at the top and the “Share” button next to the like button. What am I doing wrong. I’m using the latest version of Fast Pro on Google Nexus 7 running Jelly Bean 4.2 OS

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