Unboxing The Dual-SIM Nokia X Android Smartphone [Photo Gallery] (from RedMondPie)


The Nokia X smartphone, the first device that the Finnish company has released on Android, was revealed by Stephen Elop a few weeks back, and having since gone on general sale, we’ve finally been able to get our hands on a unit. Naturally, we thought it is best to share the unboxing process with you, so check out the images below!

Last month’s Mobile World Congress in Spain played host to the unveiling of many major new devices, and amid the flagship announcements from Sony and Samsung, Nokia finally showcased its elusive Android device. Running on a heavily modded flavor of Google’s OS, the Nokia X family has been strategically created with the intention of hitting the lower end of the market, and with very Windows Phone-like features, hopefully breed a whole new generation of WP users.

Nokia X unboxing header

Getting more consumers on board will, in turn, enrich the Windows Phone ecosystem as a whole, prompting developers to jump on board and create new, exciting apps for the WP Store. The lack of apps for Windows Phone devices has been noted ad nauseam, but with the Nokia X family as a not-so-secret weapon, we may eventually have a genuine three-horse race in a market currently dominated by Android and Apple’s iOS.

Full Article: http://www.redmondpie.com/unboxing-the-dual-sim-nokia-x-android-smartphone-photo-gallery/


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