Flappy Bird Will Definitely Be Back, Says Creator, but Not Until It’s Done (from Time)


Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has an impressive 170,000 followers on Twitter, so when he speaks, scads of people are listening, and when he responds to simple, declarative questions with simple, declarative answers about his game of games — talking not if, but when we’ll see Flappy Bird again — he might as well be dousing the Internet in lighter fluid and tossing the match.

Twitter user @painfullpacman asked him the very question yesterday afternoon:

@painfullpacman Yes. But not soon.—
Dong Nguyen (@dongatory) March 19, 2014

Full article: http://time.com/31647/flappy-bird-will-definitely-be-back-says-creator-but-not-until-its-done/





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