Hate First-Person Shooters? Even You Will Love Titanfall. Seriously. (from Wired)

Illustration: Electronic Arts

Illustration: Electronic Arts

I don’t play multiplayer first-person shooters. And yet I stayed up way too late playing Titanfall last night. That’s got to mean something.

At no point during the last two decades have I ever been able to get into the idea of getting online and playing deathmatch against people with handles like DankReefs420 (actual name of Xbox user I playedTitanfall with last night). Oh, I’ll play a BioShock in single player on Easy if it has an interesting story. And to tell the truth I’m about ready to start leaving bags of flaming poop on Nintendo’s doorstep if they don’t make another Metroid Prime. But multiplayer shooters, for me, are generally all about just getting shot in the head repeatedly. The learning curve is too steep, and it’s no fun to lose.

Full Article: http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2014/03/titanfall/


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