Sony RX10 review: the everything camera (from TheVerge)

It takes a lot to make me take off my headphones on the New York City subway. But one night, standing on the platform, I saw a crowd start to gather on the other side of the tracks. I pressed pause on my 945th listen of “Gust of Wind” and spent the next five minutes listening to a man in a winter coat sing Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come” in the loudest, most soulful voice I can imagine. It was one of my all-time favorite New York City moments, a nice reminder during a horrible winter that I still love this place.

After 30 seconds in a trance I wanted to take a picture, and I had the perfect thing: the Sony RX10. Sony’s new $1,299.99 superzoom has a big enough sensor to get a good shot in that dimly lit subway station, long enough zoom (just over 8x) to capture the man’s emotional face as he sang, and dual microphones that could just capture his voice two tracks away. And it’s simple enough that I wouldn’t miss my chance. My iPhone couldn’t get the shot I wanted, but the RX10 had a chance.

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