Twitter’s latest test channels Pinterest and Facebook in profile redesign (from Engadget)

That mobile-esque redesign Twitter pushed out last month? Forget about it: the microblogging is already testing another skin for user profiles — and it looks reallyfamiliar. Select users are reporting that their Twitter profiles look now look like a cross between Google+Pinterest and Facebook, complete with large header photos (up to 1500 x 1500 pixels), left-aligned profile images and flat content cards representing each tweet. The entire redesign is a jarring departure from the Twitter norm, but it’s that last element that proves to be the most disruptive: rather than piling up in the normal vertical fashion, the new card layout allows tweets to lay side by side, a fundamental change in how Twitter displays content. There’s no word yet when or if this profile will available to the majority of Twitter users, but be warned: change is upon us.

[Thanks, @Ben_Haizlip!]


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