New Update for Fast !

This is the preview of the Changelog of the version 2.3.1. The update will be released in the next hours.       



  • New private messages and chat layout.
  • Added favorites feature: now you can add a friend, a non-friend, a page or a group to the favorites list.
  • Improved scroll and refresh of main feed.
  • Improved pull to refresh.
  • Added likes view to photos gallery.
  • Text in comments is now selectable for copy and paste.
  • Improved chat performance.
  • Fixed issues with notifications loading.
  • Added Catalan and Vietnamese languages.
  • Updated German, Polish, Malayan, Croatian, Turkish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Thailand, Russian, Swedish, Arabic and Chinese languages.
  • Fixed bugs and crashes.

Thank you for the attention.


6 thoughts on “New Update for Fast !

  1. So what the hell is up with the hardware control that allows this app to take photos at any time of whatever the camera is seeing?

      • I’m explaining pretty much exactly what I had read. In the permissions for the app there is a part that said HARDEWARE CONTROL
        then it stated the camera can take photos at any time of whatever the camera is looking at.

      • The permission for the camera allows Fast to take pictures only when you activate the Camera feature. If your mobile device take picture without control, it depends on another app.


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