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Sochi-2014The Winter Olympics in Sochi have already graced the news a lot, and not always for great reasons. Controversy surrounding the Olympics isn’t new, and it all tends to go away once we get into the competition. Hopefully, tensions between Russia and the rest of the world will play out peacefully in the race for gold medals. So get out your country’s flag, crank the national anthem, and grab your phone or tablet of choice because we’ve collected our favorite apps for watching and keeping up with the Olympics on the go.

NBC-Sports-Live-Extra-screenshotNBC Sports Live Extra

For those of you with cable…

The schedule for the Olympics is packed, with events happening constantly and overlapping. Watching it all on TV is almost impossible. You have to sit in one place the whole time and flip channels regularly to see a fraction of the events. NBC Sports Live Extra is the best option for anyone with a cable or satellite connection. The app will have every event available for live streaming, full replays of completed competitions, and is far easier to navigate than the TV guide.

Available on: iOSAndroid, and Windows Phone

Sochi-2014-Guide-screenshotSochi 2014 Guide

For figuring out what’s going on, where, and when…

Every Olympics has its own personality. Even though most of the events are the same, the venues, athletes, and host country all set the tone for the competitions. Sochi 2014 Guide is the official guide to this year’s games. It has details about the events including a full schedule, photos of scenes from Sochi, maps to track the torch and longer events, and detailed information about each location and stadium. It’s the encyclopedia for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Available on: iOSAndroidWindows Phone, and BlackBerry

Sochi-2014-WOW-screenshotSochi 2014 WOW

For rules and terms related to each sport…

Samsung has already stirred up some controversy at the Olympics by asking athletes to cover up the Apple logo on their phones during the opening ceremony. So it’s no surprise that Samsung’s own app for the event is Android only. Still, Sochi 2014 WOW (Wireless Olympic Works) is a great resource to have. It offers details about the sports, athletes, and results. Perhaps most helpful is the app’s guide for each sport, explaining terms for the game and how it is played. This is sure to come in handy when you suddenly find yourself watching curling and have no idea what the hell is going on.

Available on: Android

2014-Team-USA-Road-to-Sochi-screenshot2014 Team USA Road to Sochi

For info on U.S. athletes and what they’re up to…

Earning a spot on the Olympics roster is one of the most difficult tasks … period. It’s really hard. Even if they don’t bring home a medal, they were still one of the best competitors in their entire country. You can follow the journey of the athletes who will be representing the United States with the 2014 Team USA Road to Sochi app. Check out athlete bios, interviews, and video clips. Plus, the app will keep you up to date on each athlete, showing you the events they competed in and the results of each event.

Available on: iOS and Android


Record yourself rooting for the team…

It’s hard not to get wrapped up in the Olympic games. There’s something about the competition that turns everyone into the most patriotic versions of themselves. You can get caught up in the madness and send your support to the competitors sporting the red, white, and blue at the games with #ItsOurTime. The app, presented by AT&T, allows you to record yourself rooting for your team and sends your support to those athletes currently competing in Sochi. Thankfully, you don’t have to bust out the body paint or drape yourself in an American flag.

Available on: iOS and Android

Sochi-2014-Results-screenshotSochi 2014 Results

For scores and medals…

Some people love every step of the competitions and will follow the performances from the very first trials to the medal ceremonies. But that takes a lot of dedication, and the best of the best don’t compete until the final days. If you can’t track the games every step of the way but want to know who won, Sochi 2014 Results is what you’re looking for. It will update you on the winners of events, the medal counts for each country, and give specific updates on the countries and events you specify as your favorites.

Available on: iOSAndroid, and Windows Phone

NBC-Olympics-Highlights-and-Results-screenshotNBC Olympics Highlights and Results

For you cord cutters…

If you don’t have a TV subscription of any sort but still want to check out the best moments of Olympic glory, the NBC Olympics Highlights and Results app is for you. You will be able to check out the highlights and winners from every event, plus get real time results and medal counts. It also serves as a great second screen app, with a complete schedule of events and offers TV and online listings for where to watch. During the primetime events on NBC, it offers information to users that coincides with the action taking place on the big screen.

Available on: iOS and Android


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