Flappy Bird: Top 5 tips, hints, tricks, and cheats (from AndroidCentral)


Flappy Bird tips, tricks, and cheatsFlappy Bird strategy guide: top 5 ways to score higher and stay saner at Flappy Bird, the game everyone loves to hate … or hates to love!

Flappy Bird is the hottest game on the Play Store — at least for the moment — and topmost on every gamer’s mind is how to get a higher score than their friends without smashing their phone to pieces in the process. Flapp Bird is a fantastically terrible game, its design is derivative, its mechanics maddening, and its popularity no doubt the result of incredible rage-of-mouth marketing. Yet despite all of that (or maybe because of it), we can’t. Stop. Playing. So how can you get better at Flappy Bird faster? For some games it’s simply a matter of finding the right tips, hints, and cheats. Flappy Bird, however, is so simple, that there are few to no ways to hack the system. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hack yourself…

1. Bigger is better

Though Flappy Bird is entirely playable on an Android phone, it’s much easier if you play on a tablet. Not only are your hands less cramped, but you’ll have an easier time discerning details, and less of a chance your own finger will obscure your view and get in your way.

2. Stay out of your own way

If you are playing Flappy Bird on an Android phone, pick a smart place to tap and stick with it. If you’re right handed, the bottom right corner works well. It’s comfortable but also won’t obscure the oncoming pipes so you can see their arrangement as early as possible. If you’re left handed, there’s little risk of obscuring the pipes, but you’ll still want to stick with the bottom corner to make sure the bird stays in focus. (I know some people who use a thin stylus instead of their finger to game for just that reason.)

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3. Mute outside notifications

Flappy Bird tips, tricks, and cheats

There’s no feeling in the world worse than getting close to your high score only for your phone to ring and take you right out of the game. Any notification or alarm sound can shock you into tap-tripping, pipe-smashing doom. Do yourself a favor and mute notification sounds before you start to play. If you have a Samsung device, you can turn on Blocking mode.

You might also want to take a moment to close all other apps and reboot before you play. Flappy Bird is as glitchy as it is annoying, and a crash is as bad a call or an alert while you’re tying in earnest to beat your high score.

4. It’s all in the timing

Flappy Bird tips, tricks, and cheats

The single most important skill in Flappy Bird is timing your taps. The game is entirely about getting the bird through the pipes without touching any part of them. That means you have to learn to keep it as level as possible. Since the bird is always coming up or going down, the trick is to time your taps so that the amplitude of those peaks and dips are as short as possible — short enough to fit through the pipes. Tap quickly, tap regularly.

The next trick is to learn to recover to that rhythm quickly after you rise or fall to the right height for the pipe. You’ll need to tap or double-tap up, or pause down, then get stable again really fast. If you’re a natural, curse you. If not, you’re going to have to practice. A lot.

5. Manage your stress

Flappy Bird tips, tricks, and cheats

Your body doesn’t know the difference between real stress — look out, car! — and virtual stress — look out, pipe! Games cause a physical reaction. A rush. That’s why we play them. It’s also why they can make us crazy. Luckily, because the body doesn’t know the difference, the same things that can keep us calm in the real world can keep us calm in the game world too: Slow, steady, breathing. Sounds silly, I know, but there’s a reason why the best fighters, the best sharpshooters, and the best surgeons all learn to manage their breathing. It creates calm. It creates focus. It puts you in the zone. And it means that, when you start getting close to your high score — or your friend’s high score — you’ll be less likely to freak out and fly right into a pipe.

Bonus tip: Fly low!

From our own Kevin Michaluk:

If you come into the pipes on the low side and tap right before, there’s less chance of tapping too hard and crashing on the high side. If you come in middle or high and tap a bit too hard, you’re crashy bird. I kept crashing on the high side so switching to this technique helped me triple my score fast.

Your top Flappy Wing tips, hints, and tricks?

If these Flappy Bird tips, hints, and cheats work for you, be sure to leave a comment, and if you’ve come up with other ways to do better at Flappy Bird, you should also let us know! As always, include your high score!


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