Audi Engineered the Creepiest Dog of All Time (from Mashable)


Audi may be known for engineering impressive vehicles, and now, the company is also engineering nightmares.

The company’s Super Bowl XLVIII ad dropped on Tuesday, and it shows what happens when we compromise: The world gets run over by a terrifying monster breed of dogs.

The humorous 60-second spot begins with a couple making the tough choice between a Doberman and Chihuahua. Their indecision results a new type of dog: the not-so friendly Doberhuahua. Even animal-loving Sarah McLachlan, who makes a cameo in the ad, doesn’t want to save this pooch (which says a lot).

So where does Audi come into the mix? The brand asserts that “compromise scares us, too.” Oh, OK. That segues right into Audi’s message of “luxury without compromise” for its 2015 A3 sedan.


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