New York City police install 200 security cameras to guard against Super Bowl terrorism (from TheVerge)

times square nicola flickr

New York City police commissioner Ray “Get Used to It” Kelly is out of office, but the department’s zeal for surveillance persists. Police have installed 200 temporary security cameras around midtown Manhattan in order to guard against terrorism during the city’s Super Bowl activities, reports the Associated Press.

The department has plenty of experience with events that draw large crowds, including New Year’s Eve in the same area. Police used a similar strategy during the New York City marathon when they covered the finish line with cameras.


The temporary cameras will supplement the thousands of permanent ones the department already monitors as part of its “Domain Awareness System.” That system, which has a reported 3,500 to 6,000 cameras, also includes analytical software that detects suspicious activity. There will also be hazmat and bomb squads, bomb-sniffing dogs, plainclothes police officers, and officers watching overheard from rooftops and helicopters.

This year’s game is the first to be hosted by two states, New York and New Jersey, and the first cold weather Super Bowl to take place outdoors. The actual game will take place at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.


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