Install Android 4.3 on HTC One (Google Play Edition ROM) (from GetAndroidStuff)

If you are annoyed with the heavily customized Sense 5 UI skin on your HTC One than here comes the good news. Now you can install the stock version of Android 4.3 on your HTC One for more better user experience. The ROM comes straight from the Google Edition of the device with some good enhancements available from HTC One’s Sense based ROM. Unlike other custom ROMs out there such as CyanogenMod, AOKP, PA etc., this stock Android 4.3 ROM for HTC One does not come with a host of “broken features” or bugs.

Install Android 4.3 on HTC One

Let’s see How To Install official Google Edition HTC One ROM to get pure Android experience. Before you proceed to actual installing steps make sure to prepared your device with some pre-requirements shown below.

  1. First unlock the bootloader on HTC One. A good tutorial can be found here.
  2. Root Your HTC One. Follow this tutorial.

After you have successfully unlocked bootloader and rooted your Htc One, now follow the steps below to install Android 4.3.

  1. Download the Google Play edition ROM from here, and transfer it to the internal storage of your one twrp recovery menu
  2. Backup all your apps, app data, contacts and messages etc using an app like Go Backup. Double check this step as installing new ROM will remove all the data from your device.
  3. Reboot your HTC One into recovery mode now. First, switch off your One and then start it by pressing the Volume down + Power button simultaneously. Once you are in Fastboot mode, using the Volume keys highlight the Recovery option and select it using the Power button.
  4. When you enter in TWRP recovery menu, do a full backup which will be a rescue if you want to get back into default Sense ROM.
  5. From recovery menu, go to Wipe and Swipe to Factory Reset to format system data partition.
  6. Once completed go back to TWRP menu and hit install. Select the Google Play edition ROM zip file copied earlier and confirm install. Once the zip file has been flashed, select the Reboot System option.

Wait for the device to boot up which may take longer than usual. The first boot can take few minutes but if its stuck for too long you may need to redo the process from step 4. Enjoy Google Play Edition HTC One.


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