Utilite ARM-based Mini-PC features Android or Linux, starts at $99 (from AndroidAuthority)


Recently we’ve seen quite a few attempts to bring Android over to the desktop and laptop market. Some of these solutions are designed to work as laptop/tablet hybrids, others as AIO desktops. Then there are even mini-computers that are flexible enough to work as media centers,enthusiast devices or even full desktop replacements.

Compulab’s upcoming Utilite falls into the mini-computer category, and while it is far from the first of its kind, the computer’s wide-ranging specs and features certainly help it stand out.

The Utilite is powered by a Freescale i.M6 processor, and will be available in either single, dual or quad-core configurations. Love the idea of tons of RAM? The Utilite will support up to 4GB, which is pretty impressive for an ARM-based mini-PC.

The new mini-PC also offers plenty of storage space, with its top configuration being a 512GB mSATA drive. If that’s not enough storage for you, the Utilite will also support up to 128GB removable storage via SDXC.

Some of the other specs include 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, HDMI and DVI ports, S/PDIF and stereo jacks, Wifi, Bluetooth, 4 USB 2.0 ports and two RS232 serial ports.

As for the OS? The enthusiast mini-PC will be available with either Ubuntu or Android pre-installed. No word on what version of Android, though at the very least it will probably support Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The Utilite goes on sale next month, with pricing starting at just $99 for a ‘base’ configuration. What do you think, interested or not?




One thought on “Utilite ARM-based Mini-PC features Android or Linux, starts at $99 (from AndroidAuthority)

  1. Absolutely interested! For those who are letting your toddlers play Angry Birds on your $500 smart phone, this is a much better option. I would love to have this for the guest room to watch Netflix. With a 512GB hard drive, you can download thousands of apps. I can’t think of a reason not to buy this.

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