CNET: Acer will release a $400 Android AIO PC running Intel’s Haswell CPU (from Engadget)

CNET Acer will release an Androidpowered Intel Core I5 AIO PC

Acer will soon release an Intel Haswell 3GHz, Core-i5-powered AIO at that cuts Windows out of the PC picture altogether by running Android, according to an un-sourced rumor from CNET. The PC maker has already dipped its toes into the Android AIO waters with the 21.5-inch ARM-powered Smart Display DA220HQL(shown above), but if the rumor pans out, it would mark the first Intel powered AIO we’ve seen from anyone packing Google’s mobile OS. The lack of a license fee to Microsoft means the unit would cost around $400, and thanks to Android’s lower hardware needs, would come with a mere 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM at a minimum. If true — and that’s a huge “if” — it makes some sense considering Acer’s desire to avoid Microsoft’s Windows RT OS at all costs, but we’re not sure how an Android-based tablet with pricier Intel underpinnings would go down with the public.



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