Apex Launcher 2.0 arrives to Google Play, introduces notification badges (from AndroidAuthority)


Apex Launcher


One of the great things about Android is that users aren’t under lock-and-key when it comes to customization. There are plenty of tools out there that can help you make the most out of your Android experience, such as launcher apps like Facebook Home.


Oh wait… you mean you want a launcher that actually improves your phone experience? Then you might want to check out the Apex Launcher, which has just received a new update to version 2.0. (Shameless jab at Facebook, I know.)


There are certainly some users that prefer Novaand Holo, but there is no denying that Apex is still a very worthwhile alternative. The most exciting features in the latest update are the addition of folders in the app drawer and integration with the new Apex Notifier for owners of the pro version.


What’s Notifier? It is an extension that works with the DashClock Widget and Apex Launcher.


With the Notifier running, you will see unread counts show up as a small badge above several Android apps such as Google Voice, Google Talk, Gmail, Battery Level, Calendar appointments, SMS, and Missed Calls. You can even pick and choose the apps that do or don’t show the notifications as badges.


While we’ve already covered the most significant features, there are a few other interesting changes mentioned in the official log:


  • Folders in the app drawer (pro)
  • Integration with Apex Notifier (pro)
  • Notification badge style options (pro)
  • Default on for external notifiers (pro)
  • Added vibration duration option
  • Improved activity picker and wallpaper chooser
  • Re-organized and improved settings menu
  • Disabled auto update checks by default
  • Removed permissions for notifications
  • Various fixes and improvements
  • Updated translations
  • Apex Notifier is an extension app that also supports DashClock (Android 4.2+).


If you’ve never tried the Apex Launcher before, you get the basic version of the app for free. To take advantage of the Apex Notifier however, you will need to have the Pro version, which will set you back $3.99.



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