Galaxy S4 Vs Lumia 920 – Video Camera Stabilization Test (from RedMondPie)

Although things have been somewhat quiet from Nokia and Windows Phone 8 in light of the upcoming smartphone releases from Samsung and HTC, the camera of the Finnish company’s Lumia 920 is still considered among the best in the business. Conversely, the Samsung Galaxy S Series’ snappers have tended to underperform, and while Nokia’s flagship completely smoked the Galaxy S III in terms of still camera performance (particularly in low light), the Galaxy S4′s much-hyped 13-megapixel offering brings the kinds of improvements you would expect of a next-gen handset. To test one category, one user has taken the opportunity to produce a stabilization comparison video of Samsung’s apparent best video camera against that of the 920, which of course includes that much-lauded PureView technology. Which came out on top? Find out, after the break!

The test wasn’t exactly carried out using strict, industry standards of discipline, with both handsets instead strapped atop a toy vehicle before being dragged around a room. Nevertheless, it does present us with a general idea of how the to perform against each other, and you can check out the video below in its entirety:





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