Fast for Facebook – New Update !!

Immagine in linea 1

Main features:

·         Access to Facebook News Feed

·         Send and share contents

·         Read notifications

·         Read and send private messages

·         Chat

·         Search friends, people, pages and everything else

·         View Albums and download photos

·         Access to Groups and Pages

·         Background themes (grey, white or pictures loaded from your Device)

·         Widget and quick links

·         Optional Security pin against snoopy

·         Optional Push Notifications Add-on (available on Google Play)


Latest new from the recent update:
CHANGELOG Update version

·         Added photo tagging (for album and  “just uploaded” photos)

·         Added new tablet landscape layout

·         Added full private messages history (if you are on top of the message history the old messages are loaded automatically)

·         Added possibility to post a photo directly in a status update

·         Added Friendship request

·         Added custom color background selectable with a color picker

·         Added search bar in sliding menu

·         Added birthdays in friends list

·         Added button to go to the top of the main feed list if new stories are loaded (it shows also how many new stories are loaded)

·         Added counter of likes in a page

·         Added text description for same action bar buttons

·         Added progress update in webview login

·         Added in sliding menu the profile photo of the actual user

·         Added confirm to leave status update (tap back too)

·         Updated write on wall feature following the new Facebook© Rules:

·         Updated main view action bar

·         Updated languages

·         Updated sliding menu layout

·         Fixed main news feed jump when load new stories

·         Improved chat loadings

·         Improved messaging

·         Improved status update

·         Added landscape view for security view

Removed main news feed update on resume of the app (if you want a refresh just type the refresh button in the action bar or pull to refresh)


Free Download Direct Google Play Link :



Google Play:

Google+ :


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