ASUS video showcases 7-inch MeMo Pad, flaunts what the $150 tablet can do (from Engadget)

ASUS video showcases 7inch MeMo Pad, flaunts what the $150 tablet can do

Lately, ASUS hasn’t exactly been the best at keeping some of its secrets under wraps, but the company is trying to be as good as it can be about helping potential customers better understand its devices. More specifically, it’s the recently announced 7-inch MeMo Pad, with the Taiwan-based outfit taking to YouTube to release a simple and somewhat informative video on some of the tidbits you can expect out of the Jelly Bean-loaded, budget-friendly tablet. Naturally, ASUS is quick to point out how the MeMo Pad’s relatively small chassis “fits perfect in your palm,” as well as showing off how effortless it is to stay in the social loop with video calling capabilities and things such as BuddyBuzz. Other touted features of the 7-inch slate include its expandable storage via that microSD slot, plus the easy access to various productivity and entertainment apps like MyPainter, SuperNote Lite and ASUS Studio — oh, and for folks who enjoy in a little color, the previously seen trio of Spectrum Covers can also be found making a quick cameo. You can “experience” the vid for yourself past the break, and feel free to let us know what has you the most excited about the Nexus 7 this particular MemoPad.





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