Korean Samsung Galaxy Camera LTE gets its firmware finally uploaded (from AndroidAuthority)

galaxy camera
Usually people jump for joy when there is an update. Not typically when a firmware is made available for the first time. Getting some new Android with new features can make an old device feel new again while the current firmware isn’t all that important. Unless you need it for something, like a factory reset. Then it’s essential. The Korean Samsung Galaxy Camera stock firmware is now available for download.

Those good Samsung fanatics over at SamMobile have found and uploaded the firmware for anyone to use. It’s for the EK-KC120S model of the Galaxy Camera. Here are some of the stats of the firmware according to SamMobile:

  • Model: EK-KC120S
  • Productcode: EK-KC120SRWDSKT

Of course, there are some things people should know before going nuts with the firmware. If at all possible, use Samsung Kies or the stock factory reset function before trying this. Also, don’t use this firmware on any other Galaxy Camera besides the EK-KC120S as it could cause a bricked device.



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