Google starts giving more developers the ability to reply to Google Play comments (from Engadget)

Google first gave some leading developers the ability to reply to user comments onGoogle Play last year, but it looks like it’s now letting considerably more devs in on the act. While it’s not yet clear when (or if) all developers will be able to do so, a spokesperson has confirmed to The Next Web that the feature is now “gradually expanding” to additional Android app developers. On its developer site, Google further clarifies that developers will only be able to reply to any comment once, and it outlines a few fairly straightforward posting guidelines — namely, that developers should “make it clear and relevant,” “be nice,” “don’t solicit or promote” and “keep it clean.” Users will also receive an email notifying them of the developer’s reply, and be given the ability to update their original comment and rating (presumably with the goal of avoiding one star reviews for issues beyond their control). Google also adds that the ability to comment is “a privilege, not a right,” and that apps and accounts can be suspended if developers violate the guidelines.


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