Samsung announces a new NFC-enabled wireless speaker (from AndroidAuthority)

samsung NFC speaker

 Just before the opening of CES, Samsung gave a press release outlining the features of its latest digital audio products. As a bit of an audio hardware enthusiast, this new gear has peaked my interest.

Samsung’s new DA-F60 wireless speaker is to be the company’s flagship portable audio system, which comes complete with Near-Field-Communication (NFC) integration. This allows you to easily pair your NFC compatible smartphone or tablet with the speaker, enabling wireless music streaming by simply touching the two devices together. The DA-F60’s Bluetooth connection will still work with non-NFC capable devices, and also comes with Samsung’s Soundshare technology. Soundshare enables wireless audio streaming between Bluetooth enabled TVs and the speaker system.

If you’re interested in some of the speakers specifications, there unfortunately isn’t very much information to go on. Samsung only let slip that it’s using high quality neodymium magnet speakers, and that the system would use passive radiators for improved low-frequency performance. Which is all pretty standard for decent portable speakers these days.

As the device only weighs three pounds I’m not expecting much in the way of power, but for a portable speaker power isn’t all that essential anyway. The DA-F60 will also use the improved apt-X codec when transferring data over a Bluetooth connection, to ensure high quality audio encoding over the airwaves if you own a compatible device.

Samsung also announced a new high-end vacuum tube soundbar for your home cinema system. Whilst the inclusion of valve amplifiers will certainly keep some audiphiles happy, more interestingly, the HW-F750 will be the industry’s first soundbar speaker that can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth enabled televisions, thanks to Samsung’s SoundShare function.


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