Agenda for Android now available with the same great interface (from AndroidAuthority)


Agenda, a popular calendar app for iOS is now available on the Play Store. It first launched in June 2011 and made a name for itself with its minimalist and eminently useable interface, and has since evolved to include a variety of features to stake its claim as the sole calendar app on your phone. With Agenda’s launch on Android, it brings over most of its functionality from its iOS counterpart, including:

  •  At a glance layout
  • Views for the year, month, week, day, and event
  •  Fast event creation w/repeat options 
  • Jump To Day” picker to fly to a date of choice 
  •  Swipes & gestures to quickly change views 
  •  Tappable email addresses, URLs, addresses, etc.
  •  Syncs using your device’s calendar settings

Naturally, it will sync all current Google calendars on your phone, and according to Savvy Apps there is a widget on the way as well. While it does not use Google’s Holo guidelines (which I quite enjoy), its showcase UI as well as promised future development makes this a great Calendar alternative to look in to.

One minor hiccup is that this app only supports phones running Android 4.0 and above. While there is no reason to not be running ICS, my heartfelt apologies if you are still dealing with Gingerbread on a daily basis. Hit up the source link to give Agenda ($1.99) a shot.


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