LG details their 2013 Smart TV portfolio ahead of CES, Miracast and NFC inside (from AndroidAuthority)

The Consumer Electronics Show is going to kick off in less than a week, and it’s going to make us cry. Our feet are going to hurt, our eyes are going to bleed, and our tiny beating hearts are going to be screaming from the gross amounts of caffeine they’re going to have the pleasure of enjoying. We’re going to see a slew of new devices get announced, many of which are only going to hit the market during the second half of 2013, but let’s not let that take away from the excitement of the convention.

One product category that gets a lot of attention, frankly a bit too much if you ask us, is televisions. Walking through the halls of CES is like visiting your local Best Buy and strolling past the TV isle; it’s that intense. LG, instead of waiting for CES to begin, today unveiled their new “Smart TV” family.

What makes them special? They have NFC built-in, which makes pairing that much easier, and they even have support for Miracast, the open standard that the WiFi Alliance created in an attempt to bring Apple AirPlay like technology to the masses. In case you forgot, Miracast was added to Android in version 4.2.

How much are these new televisions going to cost and when are they going to come out? We have no idea, and we’re depressed because we know we’re going to have to repeat that sentence for a majority of the stuff that’s going to get announced next week.


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