Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update comes to US Cellular Friday (from AndroidAuthority)


Hot on the heels of the Jelly Bean update for the Verizon’s version, U.S. Cellular will release their update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Friday. Alongside the stock Jelly Bean enhancements like rich notifications and automatic widget adjustment and Google Now, Samsung will of course include its TouchWiz UI and its own set of features.

Among the Samsung-specific features are the newly included Swype keyboard; blocking mode, which can disable calls, notifications and alarms for a preset amount of time; and an updated Pop Up Play feature, allowing easy resizing and pausing of video. One curious addition is Easy Mode, a feature that simplifies the user interface for first-time smartphone users. If you’ve been using your Galaxy S3 for a while, chances are good that you won’t be using this feature.

The update also brings improvements to the Samsung Galaxy S3′s camera. Users can now pause and resume when recording video, allowing them to capture the most exciting parts of whatever they’re recording with no editing required later on. Low light mode uses the Galaxy S3′s HDR capabilities to improve photos in dark or indoor locations. Finally, live filters for the camera and camcorder are included.

Users will be able to grab the update over the air or via Kies when it becomes available. See the press release embed below for all the details.


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