Google Calendar update brings improved notifications and more (from AndroidAuthority)

google calendar

There’s an update out for Google Calendar which adds some pretty useful new features.

Firstly, they’ve integrated improvements to the calendar notifications, which allow you to go straight to maps and get directions to your event.  You can also snooze the alert directly from the notification tab if you want to be reminded a little later.

They’ve also included the ability to quickly place events on your calendar from the monthly view via a long press, so you don’t have to navigate through all the possible hours on the daily page anymore. Google have also thrown in a location suggestion feature when creating a new event, which isn’t something you would have thought was necessary but it’s still a cool feature which might save you a bit of time.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a few issues with this app on some HTC devices. This can result in problems such as no notification sounds, notes and pictures being removed from calendar events, and even day and week views not working, which pretty much destroys all functionality.

Remember this isn’t an update for manufacturer specific calendars, so you won’t see the new features appear on the default Samsung calendar for example. You’ll need to download the app from Google Play if you want to try out the improvements, or alternatively pray for an update from your carrier.  Also you’ll need a 4.0.3 device or higher to install the app.


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