Sony releases a new GIF creator called MotionGraph; $0.99 on Google Play (from AndroidAuthority)

There’s a division within Sony called “Sony Digital Network Applications”. Today they releasedan application called “MotionGraph” that lets you easily create animated GIF files. Here’s how it works: You record a brief video, trim it down, and then use your finger to select which parts within the video actually move. The rest of the video stays static. If that description was too confusing, then just watch the video below:

Now normally companies create software that they put on their devices and their devices alone in an attempt to drive sales. You don’t see Samsung offering S-Calendar on the Google Play Store, and you definitely don’t see HTC offering their Sense UI widgets on there either. But Sony is taking a different approach, one that we’re happy to see. They’ve decided to let anyone download their application, though they are asking people to pay $0.99. We don’t think that’s a lot of money.

And in case you’re wondering, no, MotionGraph isn’t the first animated GIF creator. Nokia released almost the exact same application for Windows Phone 8 earlier this month. They call it “Cinemagraph”. You can obviously see who inspired who here.

But back to Sony’s business model, we hope more companies learn how to share. The iPod became popular when Apple decided to offer their music management application iTunes on Windows computers. Android is popular because Google lets anyone build Android phones. We know handset makers like to make their devices stand out, but we feel they should do that by improving their hardware design and picking the right components. Writing good software is hard, so why would a company who is in the business of manufacturing AMOLED panels be good at it?



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