Samsung Galaxy S II Now Gets Multi-Window Mod Ported From Galaxy Note II (from TechReviewsAndHelp)

Since its release, the Multi-Window Mod for Galaxy Note II has been ported to almost all theGalaxy Note II devices. However this feature has now been successfully ported to Samsung Galaxy S II devices as well. This multi-window mod port has been made possible by XDA forum senior member mythtrandyr.

The users can apply the mod in two possible ways, one clean and one dirty. The dirty way consists of decompiling services.jar, android.policy.jar and SecSettings.apk and then applying the appropriate mods as required. There are many mods to be made hence following all the instructions is necessary.

The easy way is a simple flash method. Users need to be running a deodexed ROM that is based on XXLSJ, which is basically Android 4.1.2. Some other additional features of this mod include:

  • 4 icons shortcut on lockscreen
  • Ripple lockscreen
  • Skip songs with volume
  • No homebutton lag
  • No homebutton lag – 4-Way Reboot

Users just need to flash in recovery with Dalvik wipes and customary cache to get the mod up and running. After completion, user can enjoy the full multi-window functionality and as many apps can be added by the users.

To do the mods properly, check the guides on this  hands-on method or the easy method.

Source: XDA-Developers


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