Google Play 3.10.9 update brings a new installation UI, wishlist items delete button, and more (from AndroidAuthority)

It was only a month ago that Google updated its Play Store app to version 3.9.16, which brought along new features like improved notifications and a wish list function. Now, a new version of the app is reportedly being pushed out to select users.

The Google Play 3.10.9 update was first reported by @WinDroidGuy, who was kind enough topost the APK online. What’s new on the latest version of Google Play?

The most noticeable change is the new installation screen, where after clicking to install and download a new app you won’t be taken back to the app’s page and see the progress, but instead to a screen that lists similar apps others have downloaded. When you click the “Keep Shopping” button, only then you’ll be taken back to the app’s page.

If you’ve been abusing the wish list feature from the last update, you may have accumulated too much items on the list – which unfortunately you couldn’t delete. We’re happy to report that the 3.10.9 update now lets you delete items from your wish list.

Other new features include a Translate button, which lets user translates the app descriptions to their local language.

You can find more links to sideload the APK by hitting the source below.


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