Kindle Paperwhite, Fire and 7-inch Fire HD now up for pre-order in Japan (from Engadget)

Kindle Paperwhite, Fire and Fire HD now up for preorder in Japan

Amazon’s just announced that it’s bringing the entire Kindle family to Japan. The basic Paperwhite is now available to pre-order for 8,480 yen (around $106) from the online retailer, with the 3G version arriving at a slightly pricier 12,980 yen (around $162) — both will start shipping November 19th. Obviously you are going to need stuff to read, so the Kindle Store is opening its doors tomorrow and shelves are stocked with over 50,000 Japanese language books (including 10,000 for free) and more than 15,000 manga titles. Amazon’s tablet range is also heading to Japan, with the Fire costing 12,800 yen (approximately $160) and the 7-inch Fire HD setting wallets back 15,800 yen (almost $200). You’ll have to wait a bit longer for these two, however, as shipping is slated to begin December 19th.


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