MOGA Bluetooth game controller now available, priced at $49.99 (from AndroidAuthority)

We mentioned the MOGA Bluetooth gaming controller earlier in the month when it came available for pre-order. And well, the good news as of today — the controller is available for purchase. Simply put, the pre-order period has come to an end and the controller is now shipping.

The price is as we had seen in the past, $49.99. Those who have yet to make a purchase and would like to do so will be able to choose from a variety of retailers. The MOGA controller is available online with PowerA as well as with, Best Buy, Toys ‘R Us and Walmart. For those looking to get a MOGA in-store, you can visit a Gamestop, Target or Toys ‘R Us.

Pricing and availability details aside, the MOGA comes with the requirement of Android 2.3 or later. Those using the MOGA controller will have to install the MOGA Pivot application which will actually help you. The MOGA Pivot app shows the MOGA compatible games, which just to clarify this — not every game will be playable with the MOGA controller. Thankfully though, there are some big name developers such as Atari, Gameloft, Namco Bandai, SEGA and Vector Unit.

Otherwise, the MOGA has four action buttons, shoulder trigger buttons and dual analog sticks. Those making the the purchase can expect to find a MOGA Soft Case included in the box and should know ahead of time that two AAA batteries are required, but not included. Finally, to get things started, the MOGA game controller ships with a free download of Sonic CD and PAC-MAN.


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