Jelly Bean rolling out to more Samsung Galaxy S3 versions across Europe (from AndroidAuthority)

The Jelly Bean Samsung Galaxy S3 reporting bonanza continues for the fourth day in a row, with good and bad news frantically blending in a bittersweet mix for tech users around the world.

After an unexpected halt in what looked like a pretty smooth European Android 4.1 rollout, Samsung restarted the upgrading in Sweden and followed it in France, Spain, Romania and Austria. Meanwhile, Canadian S3 users got another vague promise that enraged more than excited, New Zealanders got some empty hopes, and Americans… basically nothing.

Now we just received another set of good news, but seeing how the last couple of days went down, we should probably expect something wrong to happen, too.

For the time being, let’s just work with what we have though and see who’s join

ing the happy list. According to numerous reports around the web, Samsung is currently rolling out Jelly Bean for S3s in Switzerland, UK, Italy, Ireland and Austria.



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