Customize And 3D Print Your Own Android Mascot Toy With Cubify (From RedMondPie)


The discovery comes from our friends over at famous consumer electronics blog Engadget in the form of a very brief post in which they discuss the new service.

The new service comes from Cubify – a company that lets you create and print 3D models using their online apps. Named Cubify Bugdroids, it lets you customize your “Bugdroid” in a wide variety of ways. Using the lovely 3D editor on their website, you can add hats / caps, ties, bowties, goggles, shields, change its height and color, add stamps (think tattoos) and even change its pose by adjusting its head and limbs!


As you can see above, you can create some very eye catching designs using the Cubify Bugdroid editor.

Once you’re done, you can easily buy your personally designed Bugdroid. Prices are based on height: $29.99, $34.99, $39.99 for the 2.5”, 3.0” and 3.5” models respectively. The folks over at Cubify will create your Bugdroid using a professional 3D color printer and ship it to you safely.

If you like the Android mascot, you’ll be interested to know about the BERO Kickstarter project which makes a fully functioning Bugdroid robot toy that can be controlled using your Android smartphone. It comes with an SD-card slot, onboard speakers, micro gearbox motors for movement, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to be programmed using the Arduino platform. The project successfully raised its funding goal of $38,900 a day ago. You can read more about BERO in our earlier post.

Cubify has also other nice online apps that let you create fun 3D models of things like robots, ships, UFOs, rings and bracelets. They even sell awesome consumer 3D printers for $1299 so you can perform 3D printing right at home! I can’t wait for the day consumer 3D printers become as cheap as current “2D” printers of today.

(source Cubify)

[full article HERE]


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