SoundCloud adds editing features to its Android app (from AndroidAuthority)

While SoundCloud has gained popularity fairly rapidly over the last few years, it’s not quite the YouTube for audio that it aims to be. Its most recent updates to its mobile apps might go a long way to help to change that.

The SoundCloud apps for both Android and iOS received an update today that adds audio editing features as well as the ability to pause and resume recordings. Users can now add start and end points anywhere within an audio file, meaning that you can start recording early to make sure you capture everything, and then trim the file down to just the important stuff later.

Both the Android and iOS apps received an exclusive feature, for now anyway. The iOS app’s exclusive feature is called ‘Private Listening’ — if users raise their device up to their ear, as they would when taking a call, audio is routed to the just the phone speaker. The exclusive feature for Android is more focused on editing, allowing users to add fade-ins and fade-outs to their recordings.

While SoundCloud’s main focus is on music, these new features make the app’s usefulness for things like taking notes and recording lectures or interviews clear. SoundCloud is also focusing on making sharing easy for users, both through its own website and other social networks and apps.

Have you grabbed the the updated SoundCloud app for Android? What do you think?

[full article HERE]


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