Apple iPhone 5 VS LG Optimus G (from AndroidAuthority)


The iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen (1,136 x 640 resolution) comes with the brand-spanking new integrated touch technology, which removes an extra layer from the screen. This explains why they were able to keep the phone very svelte. The pixel density (326 ppi) is slightly reduced from the 4S, but it’s still the Retina display that you know and love with improved color replication thrown in as well.

Sporting almost the same pixel density (320 ppi) is the Optimus G’s 4.7-inch WXGA True HD IPS+ display with 1,280 x 768 resolution. The touchscreen panel on the G is also flushed, so you’ll find no gap between it and the glass. Unlike Super AMOLED screen, LG’s doesn’t suffer from screen burn-ins, but that’s for another day.

It’s quite the norm for Apple not to give away the complete details of the processor it uses. What we’re told is the new A6 CPU (possibly a dual-core Cortex-A15) doubles the CPU and GPU performance from its A5 predecessor.

LG, meanwhile, is using a quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU and the accompanying Adreno 320 GPU for the Optimus G. It’s one that is destined to rule benchmarks and eat up the competition alive, such as NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 and Samsung’s Exynos 4412.  Interestingly, the Snapdragon S4 Pro is also based on the Cortex-A15 architecture.


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