Apple iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (from AndroidAuthority)

I don’t know why, but whenever a new Android flagship gets officially announced, almost every single person that has ever owned a smartphone starts comparing that smartphone with the latest version of Apple’s iPhone. If it’s a Samsung smartphone, the situation gets even worse. Add into context the latest legal showdown between Samsung and Apple, and you’ll understand why, the moment Samsung has officially announced all the details regarding its Samsung Galaxy Note 2, everyone started comparing this second gen phablet to the iPhone 4S in the back of their minds.

Just in case you happen to fall into this category (and you know you do), we’ve decided to give a little help in your quest of discovering which one is better: the Galaxy Note 2 or the iPhone 4s.

At this point, it should be mentioned that it’s almost obvious that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a better smartphone than the iPhone 4s, considering the fact that the latter was released back in October 2011, while the Galaxy Note 2 will be released internationally in October 2012. A year of progress is a lot in all domains, at any given point, but it means even more in the tumultuous waters of the smartphone market. So I guess a better question would be: “by how much is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 better than the Apple iPhone 4s”? But that wouldn’t be much o a title, would it now? Once the iPhone 5 is announced (probably at the end of next month), we’ll be able to find the Galaxy Note 2 a more properly suited Apple-esque competitor. But until this comes to past, all we can do is shame Apple’s current flagship, the 4S.
[full article HERE]


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