Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (from AndroidAuthority)

Samsung, the only Android device manufacturer that has reported a profit last year, basically holds every other Android OEM in check thanks to the insane commercial success of its Galaxy line of Android devices. In addition to the overall over-par quality of Samsung handsets, another reason why the South Korean manufacturer is so profitable is the fact that it was able to bring a lot of diversity among its smartphone offerings, from the entry-level Galaxy Mini series on to thealmost mid-level Galaxy Ace series and topping it off with high-end devices such as the last two Google Nexus smartphones or the insanely popular Galaxy S family.

Sure, the tight grip Samsung has on global marketing channels, combined with its fruitful partnerships with worldwide carriers also contributed to its success – taking over the global Android smartphone market. But what probably mattered the most is the fact that the company has not limited its top-end smartphone offerings to what one might call “conventional Android smartphones”.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: The Context

Arguably one the most popular – and one the most profitable – smartphones Samsung has launched thus far is the newest member of the Galaxy S line, namely the Samsung Galaxy S3. Recent reports claim that Samsung expects to sell a bit under 20 million Galaxy S3 smartphones by fall 2012, an impressive number given that the S3 was released just a couple of months ago. Although the numbers are as big as they come, it’s exactly what you’d expect for the best Android smartphone currently on the market, given that the market for “conventional smartphones” is as large as it has ever been.

But what really impresses about Samsung’s tactics is the commercial success met by the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note, the smartphone with the largest display that Samsung ever built, one that totals in at over 7 million units sold this far. The market for such a device was pretty much non-existent at the time it was launched. Given that not many Android manufacturers have since ventured into the “smartphones with huge displays” market – with the exception of LG and its Optimus Vu phablet – the second incarnation of the Galaxy Note has every chance to sell much better than the original, now that the public has realized the utility of such devices.
gs3 vs note 2

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