Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note to get Jelly Bean by October? (from AndroidAuthority)

Samsung seems to be by far the busiest bee in the Android “hive,” preparing us all a hotter than hot end of 2012. The Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is already out and looks pretty good, whilethe Note 2 “phablet” is just about confirmed as coming in less than two weeks.

Meanwhile, Sammy seems to be making quite the efforts to improve their current line-up of super-phones as well by updating as many devices as soon as possible to the latest and greatest Android version.

The Galaxy S3 will most likely get to taste Jelly Bean goodness the first, in only a matter of weeks, which should not come as a big surprise. What might be surprising however is when Samsung is planning to upgrade the first-generation Galaxy Note and the GS2 to Android 4.1.

According to SamMobile “insiders,” it has been “confirmed” that both gadgets will be getting JB in October at the latest. While a couple of weeks ago it was reported that Samsung only beguntesting Jelly Bean for the S2, it now seems that things have gone smoother than anyone had expected. “The tests by Samsung are fine and Samsung will make the public KIES release version if everything goes according to plan … in September – October,” say the guys at SamMobile, who’ve supposedly heard from an anonymous tipster.

[full article HERE]


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