“LG Optimus Vu” review (from AndroidCentral)

Android Central

The Good
ICS plus Optimus UI 3.0 makes for a great user experience. Pen input works reasonably well, despite relying on a plain old capacitive stylus. Good build quality and solid hardware, despite its weird dimensions. Ample internal storage.
The Bad
With a 4:3 aspect ratio screen, the Vu is awkward and clunky by design, and the lack of an on-device slot for the stylus means you’re unlikely to take it out and about with you. One-handed use is basically impossible. Camera performance is inconsistent.


For what should feel like a thoroughly half-assed device, the Optimus Vu isn’t a terrible piece of consumer electronics. But too many usability issues remain for us to recommend it over the competition in the 5-inch smartphone space. The Optimus Vu’s limited international availability means few consumers will be faced with a choice between it and the Galaxy Note. But for those who find themselves having to make that decision, in our opinion it’s a no-brainer — buy the Note instead.

[full article HERE]


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