Android Photography: how Samsung Smart cameras can remotely control or transfer your photos (from Androinica)


The smart device era has connected all of our favorite gadgets to the Internet and each other. The ability to link phones, televisions, and cameras has made way for some cool, if not always practical, use cases for interconnected technology. A pair of apps from Samsung Imaging illustrate that by linking Samsung’s digital cameras to Android phones.

At CES 2012, Samsung announced a line of smart cameras that would include WiFi Direct, a protocol that can establish a wireless connection between two devices. Once the two are paired, the Samsung Remote Viewfinder Android app can control a Samsung camera, or the Samsung MobileLink can transfer photos and videos wirelessly. The Samsung NX 200 is among the latest cameras to support this feature but I couldn’t acquire one just yet. So I reached out to Samsung and they agreed to lend me a Samsung WB850F so I could test the feature.

The WB850F lives at the higher tier of point and shoot cameras even before you factor in its Android bonafides. The camera supports GPS, 21x optical zoom, up to 12 MP photos, 1080p video, and has a 23 mm wide angle lens. Like other Samsung WiFi cameras released this year, it can use Android to remote take and transfer photos.

[full article HERE]


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