Nexus Q For Android Updated, Now Supports Devices Running Gingerbread And Up (from RedMondPie)

nexusq app 1

Although we’re in the middle of an Apple related mayhem with their earnings report to Wall Street and the final release of OS X Mountain Lion to the Mac App Store, we mustn’t forget what is going in other parts of the technology world. It wasn’t that long ago when the Google team took to the stage during the first day of the I/O conference in San Francisco and introduced us all to the Nexus 7 and the Nexus Q hardware. In the weeks following much after the event, it seems to be the former device which is getting all of the attention, but the Nexus Q is getting its game up in the form of a dedicated app for Android devices.

The app itself is the software required to setup the Nexus Q in the user’s home and has been given the update treatment by Google in order to allow users running earlier versions of the Android operating system to install and run the package. As well as the additional support for earlier Android versions, 2.3.3 and up, build number of the Nexus Q app brings with it some improvements to the social mix mode. The reviews on the Play Store that have followed the update show that it has been an extremely positive release.

[full article HERE]


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