Google’s Project Glass gets some more details (from Engadget)

Google’s Project Glass has been one of the most anticipated and hyped projects to come out of Google in quite some time. After a rather epic demo the company finally gave us a slightly deeper look at the wearable computer of our (supposed) future. Inside is the usual set of components you’d expect inside any mobile phone. There’s a “powerful” CPU and “lots” of RAM (though, there was no mention of specifics) alongside an accelerometer, gyroscope and wireless radios for pulling in data. There’s a mic for voice commands, a speaker and a camera, which can also be controlled by the touchpad that lines the side of the wearable device. All of those components sit off to one side, though Google says they’re still well-balanced and actually lighter than some pairs of sunglasses. The tiny transparent display doesn’t actually sit directly in front of your eye. It’s slightly above your line of vision, so that it shouldn’t interfere with your normal life.

Sergey Brin had three different prototypes on stage — a light blue pair, a white pair and a black pair — indicating that personalization and style were concerns. And that’s a good thing since Glass is meant to be worn in public. Ultimately Google hopes that the project will be the next step in its quest to make information quickly and universally accessible. The ability to capture images from the first person perspective seems to be key to the device. In a new demo video, a new mother waxes about how hard it is to capture those perfect moments with her child. She “smiles at faces not devices” which makes sticking a D5 in the baby’s face a bad idea.

Google Glass

[full article HERE]


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