Siri who? Google Now is on a path beyond simple voice search [VIDEO] (from Androinica)

Android has supported voice search, voice commands, and text to speech features in some capacity for two years now. With the recently announced Google Now, Google has brought elements of all three sectors to form one sophisticated engine with an incredible deal of promise.

Google Now is not just another lame Siri for Android clone. Now is a complete voice input and text-to-speech system that taps into Google’s massive search database and Android’s interconnectivity. You don’t ask a silly question and wait 20 seconds for a reply, or repeat yourself incessantly because you run into server or system errors. You ask a question and get an answer, a proposition so simple that I can’t believe it’s taken this long for someone to get this close to being reliable. (Though that could change once Now becomes more widely available.)


Google Now isn’t just search, however. It can also use voice commands to send text messages or entire emails using voice typing. Yes, that’s the same voice typing that was upgraded to feature offline support and still has the most accurate speech to text engine I’ve seen from a mobile device. Other useful Google Now features include:

  • Get exchange rates between currencies, including specific amounts (i.e. $100 USD = 79.466 euros)
  • Get public transit directions and automatically know the next time a bus or train will arrive at the stop nearest you
  • Call, text, or email your contacts with minimal button presses and voice dictation
  • Set an alarms with voice commands
  • Define a word and get links to Merriam-Webster or for more information
  • Be notified of heavy traffic on your daily commute, and then get an alternative route

[full article HERE]


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