Epson Moverio wearable glasses create a virtual 80-inch screen for Android fun (from Androinica)


Plenty of people have had their eyes on Google’s rumored wearable glasses technology, but that won’t be the only game in town if and when it officially debuts. Epson America has announced its own Android-powered glasses that can create a unique video experience.

The Epson Moverio BT-100 is more than just a pair of glasses; it’s a personal entertainment device. The Moverio uses micro-projection that makes the human eye perceive an 80-inch screen. An included pair of earphones feature Dolby Mobile surround sound, and a touch-based trackpad connected to the device serves as its remote and navigation tool. Once it’s set-up, users can watch locally-stored movies, stream Adobe Flash 11-based video, or even view side-by-side 3D video.

Media options aren’t limited to video. Epson has built a system that several Android apps can take advantage of, so users can listen to music, view photos, or browse the web on the Moverio. Epson also recommends that users download the Amazon Appstore to grab more third-party apps, including Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Kindle, and even Angry Birds. (Remember that you can interact with apps through the included controller.)

There are some noticeable hurdles to using the Moverio, the biggest being its $699 price tag. And the nature of the technology may present comfort issues for a small group of people. But those with the cash to burn and will to have a theatre in their pocket will get a rather unique experience. Get more information at the Epson Store. […]

More info HERE



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