Sprint EVO 4G LTE goes on sale Saturday June 2 for $199 (from Androinica)


Sprint has finally nailed down the general availability for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, on the new official release date is June 2, 2012. Sprint had originally planned to begin selling the EVO 4G LTE on May 18, but a hold-up in U.S. customs over a patent dispute with Apple kept the phone off the shelves and out of your hands.

With the patent issue now settled and U.S. Customs releasing the shipments from lock-up, Sprint is now free to sell its new flagship phone. According to an announcement made today, “most retail channels” will have the EVO 4G LTE in stock. That includes Sprint corporate stores, authorized resellers, http://www.sprint.com, and 1-800-SPRINT1 . Supply will vary by location, so now might be a good time to butter up your local Sprint salesman or make plans to arrive at the store early on Saturday just in case. […]

More info HERE


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